Visited Charapoto Market on Saturday Morning

While visiting in San Clemente, new friends Mary and John took me along on the bus ride to Charapoto’s Mercado. This town does not have a building that houses their mercado. Rather it is set up on several streets leading to the church in town. The bus ride is 20-30 minutes and .35 cents per person. This mercado is only open Saturday and Sundays each week, Sunday being the better day because more vendors are set up.

Strawberries were $1.25 a pound, lomo fino $2.50 a pound, prices of the vegetables seemed to be similar maybe a bit less expensive than what I find down in Playas. Mary bought several bags of fruits and vegetables and I am sure they did not spend over $15 for all of their produce. John said that if you come later in the day on Sunday things are even less expensive.  This is a great market!


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