San Jacinto Cemetery

San Jacinto’s cemetery is typical of the others we have visited in Central and South America . Above ground mausoleum type structures, quite a few tiled or painted bright colors.

One big difference is the glass panels covering the name. This was not common in Panama. Many of the graves have photos of the deceased as well as artificial flowers inserted behind this glass cover.

I did not expect to see the tall weeds and unkempt graves this close to Mother’s Day. But by next weekend most of this cemetery should be cleaned to a high shine, no weeds or tall grass to be seen and tons of artificial flowers in a rainbow of colors.  Most typically the cemetery is cleaned for Day of the Dead but I have seen special attention paid at Mother’s Day as well. But then again my experience is Panama and this is Ecuador. So we’ll have to wait and see.

There is also a spectacular cemetery in Guayaquil that is its own little city but that’s another trip and another post.


9 thoughts on “San Jacinto Cemetery

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  2. Thanks for posting as we always enjoy the topics you find to writer about. As I mentioned before, we live in Panama and visit my wife’s sister at least once a year. Perhaps we wii get down your sometime

    • Good morning and thank you so much for following our blog. I hope you do get to visit Ecuador it is a lovely county, great people, excellent food especially Manabi and Esmeraldas two of my favorite areas for foods made with mani and encocodo… Nancy

  3. Nancy, We enjoy your blog and especially your positive, upbeat attitude. We’ll be visiting Cuenca for the first time this week and are really looking forward to it.

    • Hi Gloria, Thanks for your sweet comment. We try very hard to look at the positive things in our lives and feel so blessed to have the opportunity to see this beautiful county with an open heart and mind. I have heard wonderful things about Cuenca and hope that your trip is totally successful. I’m sure that you are probably reading Nancy & Chuck Watson’s blog about their adventures in Cuenca as they are perfect ambassadors for that area. Nancy

  4. Nancy, I learned something rather disturbing about the cemetary in Paute. Apparently it is like a “rent” instead of an ownership. My friend here told me if your family does not pay, they will throw your body out of the graveyard after 5 years. Have you heard anything like that?

    • Hola Amberbear, I had not heard of this so I contacted my friend Xavier Tanner who is an Ecuadorian citizen and he gave me this answer. I learn something new every day in the wonderful country.

      Hi Nancy,

      Good question!. Well it depends on the cementery, in the public ones, yes. (most of them). They remove the body and burn it. They keep the ashes in a little place (in the same cementery).

      But this is true IF the person or familiars RENT the tomb, if you BUY it they keep the body forever.

      There are good internationals cementeries in Guayaquil, Quito and Cuenca.

      In Guayaquil there is a very good one. And they are very profesional in the sale and conditions. The facilities are modern and the company is a serious one. (like 20 years on the market). They have prices for every budget.

      Most important, they have different “programs” depending on traditions, religions or personal interests. And as I know its the best cementery in Ecuador.

      When a person pass away they make ALL the legal and operative arranges. (web page just in spanish). The person just call them and all the work is done.

      Xavier Tanner

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