Sunset in San Jacinto

Sunset brought to you by God! Blessing for a wonderful day!

5 thoughts on “Sunset in San Jacinto

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  2. Hi Nancy! I’m happy to read you are doing well. My daughter is planning a mission trip down to Guayaquil this July 2012. Can you tell me how you feel about your personal safety? With much appreciation, Dena

    • Hi Dena, we have made several trips to Guayaquil by bus as well as personal driver. We have not had any problems. Guayaquil is a big town, like any big town it has its issues. Your daughter needs to be aware of her surroundings, diligent in watching where she is and who she is around. We do not go out walking around GVPlayas at night, do not walk on the beach after dark and are aware of who is around us even during the day and we have not had any problems. We dress down, no jewelry, no fancy watches, no large ostentatious handbags and walk with a purpose not looking around like we are tourists. I hope this helps, Nancy

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