Fishing the business of Jacinto

The beach had dozens of fisherman and women, I may add, already hauling the lines holding the nets of fish at 7am one day during the week.

We found out later that this fish is a herring used in making pet foods, fertilizer and fish meal. I know it took hours for these nets to be dragged into shore, fish shoveled into mesh bags and carried to waiting trucks. Backbreaking work to be sure!

Once the fishermen finished for the day there was not a trace of them being on the beach, it was spotless, just amazing!

8 thoughts on “Fishing the business of Jacinto

  1. Amazing…never seen anything like this. Must have been tons of fish. I love creamed herring. Just one fish would make a pot full……

    • Hi Tom, I remember those jars of creamed herring myself but I did prefer the ones that were picked in a vinegar mixture! Have a great day, Nancy

    • Hola Tom, I also remember those jars of creamed herring but my favorite was the pickled herring, it sounds like these are only used for pet food and fertilizer….Nancy

  2. Hi Nancy, what is the weather like …cooler or hot, everything looks very clean, I bet you will like Bahia can’t wait to read about it, have fun say hey to Joe.

    • Hi Ana, actually staying right on the beach there was a nice breeze, once inland it was warmer. I could tell that the weather is changing from Tuesday to Thursday the humidity was much less, air cooler and more of a breeze

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