Mas San Jacinto

I took the opportunity early on Wednesday morning to walk around town and of course felt the need to take many pictures to share with you.

Early morning the place has a lot going on, with moms and dads taking their children to the local school, people already in line at salud (clinic) and even one woman at the pharmacy, this was 7am. That truck is how you get water around here!

More tomorrow! Have a great evening!

3 thoughts on “Mas San Jacinto

  1. Thanks for rekindling my memory as I visited this small bech town as a guest of one of the oldest panama hat maker- His son took me around for a stroll around the beach and we had a nice lunch at his cozy home – we had picture taken at the light house too!People there are so nice-I will visit them again–Regs–Yusuf

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