Visiting the Northern Coast

Joe and I decided we needed to make a trip up to the northern coast for a look-see at the areas above Manta around Bahia. We finalized our plans and started our trip visiting the coast from Crucita to San Vicente. Our plans were to visit several different areas when we first moved to Ecuador but once we got settled into a place it was just so hard for us to break away to visit other areas. But finally we are both feeling up to a trip to other beach towns.

We hit the road on Tuesday leaving at 8am with our trusty driver Eric. He took the inland route heading up to Guayaquil and making his way expertly to the coast and San Jacinto our first destination.

Entering Jipijapa, guess what they grow here?

Most of our trip was made with rain falling and to my surprise we arrived in San Jacinto, in an easy 4 hour ride with the sun shining and the rain gone.

San Jacinto is a very quiet fishing town, with a few small businesses, lots of fishermen and several hostels and hotels.

We made reservations at the Hotel San Jacinto. It is located literally on the beach, the mini resort sits on the malecon side of the beach, surrounded by huge rocks to keep the sea water off of the pool deck at high tide. It has comfortable rooms overlooking the water, pool and outdoor dining area.

This is the view from our balcony with water surrounding us on three sides during high tides.

Joe expertly got this shot of the waves hitting the rocks. It is a breathtaking sight.

This is Joe and I in shadow enjoying the sunset from our balcony.


We enjoyed a fried shrimp lunch.

Jose and Norma are fine hosts with a well-trained staff to attend to your needs.

The sunsets for the past few days have been just beautiful, I will post at least one picture each day to make your day!
Next week we will travel up the coast and move into the Hostal Coco Bongo in Bahia de Caraquez. We plan on eating our fill of seafood, hopefully made with mani as I have missed that from our time in Puerto Lopez.  And maybe even a few places will have the encocado which is actually my most favorite of almost all the Ecuadorian cuisines.

9 thoughts on “Visiting the Northern Coast

    • Hey Ken, I will try to add more prices on things but you can go to the hotel website and you can see what he charges depending upon what you need and how long you stay. We are paying $30 a night for two people overlooking the pool and ocean with breakfast included. Desayuno is $3.00 per person, almurzo here is $3.00 to $3.50 depending upon the restaurant and dinner can be $3.50 for a set meal which includes soup, main course with rice, small salad and probably fish with a fruit juice drink. Of course you can spend $10 – $15 per meal but we can get a fried shrimp complete meal for $5 or a simple fried fish dish for as little as $3.50. Hope that helps, Nancy

  1. Nancy looks beautiful enjoy! I Look forward to reading your post for the rest of the trip. Eat lots and lots of seafood!

  2. Nancy, we are right behind you – arriving in Manta on May 5th and the next day Bahia. Looking forward to your posts, pictures and reviews, as we may very well follow in your footsteps! Best wishes for beautiful weather on your trip!

  3. Have you thought about visiting the Rain Forest? I am from Puyo and I live in Missouri now. I recommend you visiting there, it is so beautiful 🙂

    • Hi again Marce, No we have never had the “call” to visit the rain forest. We are beach bums from way back so the beach and what it offers “seafood” seems to call us. Thanks, Nancy & Joe

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