Meeting New Friends, Gabriela y João

Our friend Roger Hollander introduced me to Gabriela and João, visiting Playas for a month-long vacation from Ontario. This week they took a day trip up the coast to see many of the coast town and villages, and get a feel for our lovely beaches. Salinas impressed them and we talked at length about living there. They are enjoying the abundance of seafood options and especially love the almuerzo lunches.

Here they are pictured at Playagringo after spending the day in the sun.

The love of traveling must be in their blood and who knows where their next vacation will lead them. I know they miss family and friends but spending your days on the beach cultivating that perfect tan, eating seafood almost every meal and enjoying quiet nights at Playagringo ( with Roger and Carmen is a wonderful way to spend a month.

A lovely couple that I plan on keeping in touch with after they leave, we spent hour upon hour just chatting away about all of our adventures. What a fun couple.

Caros amigos, Gabriela e João, apreciar o balanço das suas férias aqui em Playas!


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