What a fragrancia!

There is a big bush next to the porch at the front of the property that I could take or leave. It is just big and bushy but actually would not have been my choice as a plant for this yard until yesterday. It is covered with these little white flowers that smell like jasmine or honey suckle. It wafts into the house and envelopes you with this unbelievable aroma, it is sweet, it is flowery and it is wonderful!

There are even more blooms today and the house smells absolutely wonderful.

I am actually trying to get a few cuttings to root, wish me luck as this would be a great addition to my garden.

7 thoughts on “What a fragrancia!

    • Helga and Charles, I will share all my plants with you as soon as you arrive in Ecuador. Please hurry and join us, Kisses, Nancy & Joe

  1. That is a pretty plant, and it is great that it has a very pleasant smell. I have had several flowers myself like that, and they turn out to be something really pretty, my lilac bush, my butterfly bush. Good thing I didn’t cut them down when I moved in. They were not very pretty bushes last year in fact really yucky looking.

    • Hi Anna, this was a total shock when I walked out onto the patio yesterday morning and smelled the wonderful fragrance from this bush…of course today the yardmen came and cut it down to less than 3 feet high. At least they did not machete it to the ground ha ha Nancy

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  3. Nancy; it sounds as if your “bush” may be from the jasminum sambac. Known in Hawaii as pikake. If so it will root easily in acid soil. ” Ugly bushe” usually result from a lack of pruning!! LOL

    • Marson wait until you see today’s post – I love how this bush smells it is just wonderful…Have a great day!, Nancy

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