Happy Easter

Wishing you all a Happy Easter.

Easter flower from Joe - beautiful red bougainvillea


5 thoughts on “Happy Easter

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  2. Olah, Please forgive me , me silento. I am very confused with all that is being said. To me is seems that many there, are profit motived, trying to get a direct answer, can not find. I do not blame anyone for keeping those that do not understand, from taking over. (Gringos)I watch the comments on the forum, and it seems ,that those who do have correct info, are misleading, but it could be me. I have my passport, and have studied for a year or more. This will be a dream or a nightmare, compared to what I have read. I have money and a love for the Spanish culture, both of my children are. And I wish to study in Banos, under the throat of thunder. I am not asking for anything , but a direct line and mentor.

    • Hi Mary Ann
      Not exactly sure what you are referring to regarding profit motives and trying to get a direct answer, I do not see a question in your comment. Email me to my hammock11@hotmail.com address with your questions and I will answer as honestly as I can as to our experience in Ecuador. Have a great day! Nancy

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