Feeling Totally Blessed this Holy Week

Tuesday of last week was our first trip to the beach in weeks and our house is only one short block to the malecon. Things just have gotten in the way but especially the stinker of a flu we both had put a damper on our beach time. We made a total of three trips and on the weekend gave the visitors the entire beach to themselves as we stayed home to relax on our porch.

While sitting with our feet planted in the sand, the water gently lapping at our toes. looking out on a gentle surf, blue sky and total peace, I came to a realization. If our Sweet Lord took me today this is what I would want heaven to be. I am content just to sit watching the water. I do not require a great deal of outside stimulation at this point in my life.

Yes, we love the theater, fancy dinners, clubs and exciting nightlife. In our younger days we belonged to the Burt Reynolds dinner theater in Palm Beach and The Hollywood Playhouse in Hollywood, Fl. We made several trips to NYC to see shows like Pippin and Two Gentlemen from Verona these in particular were two of our favorites. We have dined in fancy restaurants with silver service, we had memberships at Williams Island and Turnberry Yacht clubs in South Florida. We danced at the discos, eaten stone crabs at Joe’s Stone Crab next to Don Johnson…I could go on and on but I will not bore you. What I am getting at is that our life was enough, we have accomplished what we have set out to accomplish and are truly content just to sit and watch the waves roll in and out.

That is a good thing!

Life is good, God is good and on this Holy Week we wish to share our contentment and joy with all of you. Be blessed and share a bit of happiness with someone else today!

7 thoughts on “Feeling Totally Blessed this Holy Week

  1. Wow looks like lots of relaxation and fun, we are going Sunday to New Smyrna surf fishing after visiting with my grandbaby. Happy Easter Nancy and Joe.

    • Hey Ana
      Your trip to visit grand-baby sound wonderful but surf fishing sound pretty darn good as well. What fish do you catch surf fishing? Joe would love to take his line and fish when we went to Port St. Joe beach we never kept anything that he caught but he did catch fish once he figured out when they were biting. Have a fun weekend, say Hi to Philip and his family, kiss that precious girl Nina for us and Happy Easter. Nancy & Joe

  2. Hi Nancy,
    We catch small whiting, pompano, blue fish, we use either bait shrimp or sand fleas, I do not know if you have those in Ecuador one catches them with a surf rake, funny looking things but the fish seem to love them, it will be a change of scenery to go and enjoy the salt water, that is one thing that I miss most not living in South Florida, love Mount Dora nonetheless…if it just had the ocean.

    Enjoy your Easter.

    • Ana
      what a variety of fish, that is great. I think we have the sand fleas they have a hard shell and look like a small crab — When the waves break on the sand they scurry around. thanks for the info. Nancy

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  4. Hey Nan, Those are called hermit crabs ! Your pictures are great, but the toes! Perfecto. upper here in Wisconsin, they are called no seeums.


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