The Plantman Cometh

He has been one of my best friends since moving to Playas along with the Fishman, the fruit and veggie man and of course my new-found friend the Herbman.  I have probably purchased 10 plants from him as well as bag after bag of soil.

Today’s find was too beautiful to pass up. Most of what I have purchased from him has been herb plants but today this beauty caught my eye.

He is located behind the Public Mercado. He does have some beautiful flowering plants, vines and even trees..My problem is I am living in a rental so if it cannot fit it in a pot I cannot bring it home. One day we will find the “little beach hut” of our own and I will fill it with all these fabulous plants.

3 thoughts on “The Plantman Cometh

  1. Nancy, I see the sunshine outside, and rich greenery! Nice looking tropical-type plant that I am familar with. The leaves have a glossy surface and in some Caribbean islands they call it the “oil plant” (oily looking surface).

    I have been searching for a plant called “insulin” (the herbal version of insulin) which is reported to be effective in combating diabetes by chewing the leaves. It is tropical also. Do you know if it exists in Ecuador? Maybe they call it by a different name. It is cultivated in India also and processed into a powder to be sold for diabetics. Thanks. Leon

    • Hi Leon – I have never heard of the Insulin plant. I will look it up on line and see if my guy sells them. Good to know about, I am very interested in medicinal plants and started using fresh ginger, lemon grass and oregano for teas while living in Panama. Even have a tree that the leaves relieve a headache or any aches or pains by just applying the leave to the area that hurts.. It really works. I will take a picture of the plant/tree and do a post on it soon. Nancy

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