The MotoTaxi Diaries

Last week I hailed a mototaxi for a quick trip to the laundry. What did I find? Daniel Mora. He spoke English to great is that – pretty darn great. I got his cell number and I have used him for my errands twice this past week with wonderful results.

For four hours this week Daniel and I bounced around town to the bank, mercado, eye doctor, seamstress, laundry. How wonderful it is to have this advantage – how was I able to manage before I met him.  Besides driving me around he acted as my interpreter at several places – made me feel like a queen.  He recommended shops and items I would not have known about. What a wonderful find!!!

7 thoughts on “The MotoTaxi Diaries

  1. They are such a great idea. Wish we had them here. English speaking makes all the more better. Good for you!!

    • Thanks Marilyn, he is a treasure, we went out again this morning and he makes it so easy for me especially with the folks at the bank, I do not know what I would do without him. Nancy

  2. Reminds me so much of India! A great find, for sure! And I am sure he will take special care of you. Wonderful!

    • Hola Patricia, Where are you now? I have been meaning to email you but something always makes me forget and go to some other task. I have been re-potting some plants friends brought for me from Las Tunas, I am ashamed they were here over 2 months ago and I just in the last week bought the soil to pot them in. I am bad!!! Email me and catch me up on your doings!!! Thanks for your comment, this young man is a treasure and I will treat him right! Nancy

    • Hi Joe, where are you living? I was quite surprised at the number of folks in little ole Playas that speak some English. And the ones with a little English are not afraid of me, I try so hard to make people feel comfortable around me especially because my Spanish stinks so, but some are so scared that they don’t want to even try to understand me…but that is the exception to the rule here..and yes I am thrilled to have found Daniel. We went out shopping again this morning he is the best…Nancy

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