Lunch out with the Girls!

Whew! I am exhausted from my luncheon date with my friend Nancy and her cousin Gladys. We met at 12:30 and drove to a very nice restaurant at 2.5 Km on Via Data. The lunch was excellent. Our first course was Sopa de Choclo (corn soup). It was just filled with fresh corn kernels in a thick broth with queso fresco.  The segundo was a lovely stewed chicken dish with steamed rice and a noodle salad. This was served with a large glass of fresh limeade. I was surprised to also see coffee and a corn cake served for a $2.50 almuerzo. It was a very nice meal with really great companions.

Gladys and Nancy enjoying our lunch together

We were there for hours just gabbing away. I looked out the window at one point to see two large pigs just crossing and recrossing the road. You see something new and different in Playas all the time.

The owner came over to our table and we found out the plantation she owns is in an area where there has been massive flooding. Seems her entire property boarders a river that overflowed it banks, leaving her property and the first floor of her two-story house under water. She grows cocoa and was so kind to give me a bag of the rich dark chocolate used for baking. It is not something that you find for sale in Ecuador stores. All the products that say Cocoa on the label contain sugar and milk solids along with other ingredients that are not necessary when baking. What a lovely woman.

We finally broke up our “Girl Talk” gab fest after 4pm. Nancy drove us to Bellevista which is a small hotel resort located at about 2 Km Via Data. Nancy was kind enough to take us on a tour of the facilities which includes a restaurant and bar, pool, spa for massages, sauna, steamy salt bath where you can also get a manicure and pedicure. The property is located right on the ocean and has a beautiful garden area where the following picture was taken. They allow folks to use the facilities for a small charge per person for the day. It would be a great place during the week when there are less tourists. I hope to try it one day very soon.

It was a special afternoon, Nancy I am ready for our next Girls Day Out whenever you are!

7 thoughts on “Lunch out with the Girls!

  1. I like pure powdered raw cocoa a lot because of its antioxidant and nutritional value. I drink it thrice a day using pure raw honey as my sweetener. Do you know where you can get this (pure powdered raw cocoa)? When I was there last year, I checked El Paseo stores, Super Maxi and Mi Commisariati(?) and I found nothing. What they have there are high in sugar and lots of additives.


    • Hi Rolie, This is the first powdered cocoa that I have found here in two years. Even though Ecuador produces some of the finest cocoa in the world see link
      what is found at your local tiendas and supermarkets is labeled Cocoa but it contains sugar, powered milk solids and other ingredients. I do not know if what she gave me was raw, it looks exactly like Hershey Cocoa except it is not a fine powder but a bit rougher. I had a friend coming back to Playas from the states bring me cocoa powder he was wonderful and brought me a 5 lb bag this will last me for a long while. Thanks for your comment hope my answer helps. Nancy

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  3. Thanks for your reply Nancy!

    What I plan to do is buy a home grinder/mill (if I could find one there) and powder it myself. Hopefully I could buy sun dried cocoa beans there.

    • Hi Rolie, Nancy Watson who lives in Cuenca commented after yours saying you can buy the Cocoa pure in the mercado’s. When I go to the one here in Playas tomorrow I will ask if any of the folks I buy from have it. Coffee grinders are pretty easy to come by so you should be able to grind your own beans when you find them. Nancy

    • Hi Nancy, I never thought to ask at the mercado, but will do that tomorrow. Thanks for your comment, so how are you and Chuck doing in Spain? So funny Chuck using the Holy Water container to hold his inexpensive wine…I love it!!! Love reading about your adventures. Kisses, Nancy & Joe

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