Burros at the front gate

We had a guest visit us this week. He and a few of his friends walked by our gate several times this week. He stopped to see if anything in our garbage was of interest and then continued on down the road.

What a beautiful face!

Later in the day I was out shopping and I saw them wandering down the sidewalk on the main road out of town. I worry that they will be hit by a car but I guess this is normal behavior for them and drivers watch out for them. What a strange site to see walking down the street!

12 thoughts on “Burros at the front gate

  1. Hi Nancy: I am in Veranasi, India, and we share the roads with cows, bulls, goats, dogs. Of course, cows are holy and will never be hurt. They are docile from generations of reverence. I love Veranasi; but after a year, am heading back to the US to see friends. I hope you and Joe are still really enjoying Ecuador! Love, Hugs, Patricia McCormick

    • Hey Patricia – You are really having an adventure, enjoy your trip back to the states. Are you planning on coming back to Ecuador???

      • Hi Nancy: I may very well come back to Ecuador and, if I do, I most certainly want to see you and Joe again. I really enjoy your posts; they truly reflect your vivacious, optimistic personality. They are always interesting and I really think that you have made the most of your time there, enjoying all there is to enjoy. I hope to see you soon. Hugs, Patricia

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