Some Vehicles we see in Salinas

Vehicles are all different sizes, shapes and colors, with or without engines, some pedal powered, those that are shiny and new and those that are old or have been pieced together from who knows what materials all seem to end up driving around Salinas. We sit back and smile when we see the different modes of transportation used by the folks here in Salinas. Here are just a few pictures for your amusement:

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4 thoughts on “Some Vehicles we see in Salinas

  1. Nancy,

    From what I see, you can have a fun day sitting on your balcony and looking at the cars, or the boats, or the people on the beach … and lots of other interesting things. Even when the weather is not nice (which seems to be very rare) you can still enjoy the outdoors life relaxing in your hammockk or a rocking chair.

    You must be so glad that you picked Salinas as your Paradise. Good for you!

    When I went to Cuba in the 90’s it was really interesting to see all the old cars from the 60’s and beyond. But this is even more fun!

    Have a great day,


    • Chantal – it is a place out of time — so back to the 50’s – very relaxing except the car horns, folks whistling, vendors yelling out their wares – but relaxing all the same. And yes we spend most of our time on the balcony except for the time I am in the kitchen cooking up something spectacular that I never dreamed I would be cooking for scratch. We are having fun!!!

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