Sunrise and Sunset

Several readers have had questions about my sunrise and sunset pictures. We are living on the Pacific and if you remember your geography lessons if facing the water we should be facing west. This would account for sunset pictures but how in the world do we get sunrise pictures. The above map shows how the coast of Ecuador around Salinas  juts out into the Pacific and curves north. This explains how living in Salinas on the malecon with a balcony in front and in back we can take pictures of both the sunrises and the sunsets. Pretty cool!

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8 thoughts on “Sunrise and Sunset

  1. Nancy,
    Thank you so much! I want you to know that you’ve become my ray of sunshine in my every day routine.
    I work from home as an IT consultant, and it can get preety hectic.
    But lately, I look forward to go and see what Nacy has posted today, and it is always such a nice surprise.
    You are so generous to share your life in Paradise with us, wannabe expats!

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  3. You are fortunate to live in older construction with windows facing both the malacon and the mar bravo. I noticed that most of the newer high rise buildings have units on the front and back, limiting the view to either direction. You also have the advantage of flow through ventilation.

    • Hi Chuck, kisses to Nancy from us. Yes, you are right the ventilation in this building is wonderful, some days when it’s cool it can make me close up some of the doors to those rooms facing the back but all in all it has kept us cool in the summer and allows us to better enjoy our balcony. Hope you both are doing well.

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