Team Gringo Soccer

This afternoon while Joe and I were walking back from Chipipe we heard shouting and cheering on the beach. It was a soccer game between the red team “Team Gringo” and another team in white. When we got back up to our apartment we could still hear the shouts of   USA  USA  USA  along with cheering when the red team scored.  They sure were a vocal crowd. Sounded like the red team were the winners.

4 thoughts on “Team Gringo Soccer

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  2. You guys are driving me nuts! All these great pics of the beach and ocean… really nice! I’m tired of Seattle and the constant rain. I feel like I’m a terrorist getting “water boarded.” We’ve had 18 days of sun since January 1. All I do is look at this site every evening and dream… dream… dream… it’s all I do… dream… dream… dream… dream… and then I walk outside and the cold rain wakes me up to the realization that I’m in the wrong place. In 15 years of living here, we’ve had one decent summer with a couple months of sun. In all that time… 15 years… we’ve received a grand total of 6 months of sun.

    • James, We vacationed in Issaquah with our friends the MacDonalds who make their how in Washington state. It is a very green and lush place with the most beautiful flowers. But I need more sun so I feel for you only having 6 months of sun in 15 years. I hope my photo’s bring some happiness to you.

  3. My wife and three girls love it here, so my vote really doesn’t count much right now. We’re planning a trip this next summer to Ecuador and check it out. Maybe some minds will change. I’ve already made mine up! I love your photos, so keep them coming! In the mean time I’ll just keep on dreaming. It’s sad that one has to live in a make-believe world. The mind is a wonderful place; I just want my body along with it!

    Take care and keep having fun in the sun!!!!! James

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