Fishing Fleet Parade

This morning the fisherman had a boat parade. They gathered near Santa Rosa and motored to Chipipe beach and made their way into the cove here at the Salinas beach. What a beautiful site.

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10 thoughts on “Fishing Fleet Parade

  1. Oh Nancy!
    This is so beautiful life. I am so glad that you enjoy your life in Ecuador so much, and share it with us.
    Makes me want to get all our ducks in a row for our reconnaissance visit next year.
    2012 Ecuador where we come.
    And if things go well, maybe early an retirement in 2013. Yessss!
    Thanks again for sharing.

  2. Hi Nancy, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful photos and tidbits about life in Salinas. Great set of photos of the boats today. I want you to know that I do appreciate it and always look forward to them.

  3. Hi Nancy and Joe! I am so glad that I am now the receiver of your posts, which I love. The picture of you, Nancy, is wonderful and a great background of the ocean and boats. I read most of your posts and I can tell that you and Joe have found a wonderful place to live. I like your acceptance of differences and your enthusiasm of discovering new sights, sounds, and experiencing the new culture. I can see you both in your hammocks, enjoying the view and great food and drink. Thanks for sharing; I now want to visit Salinas when I return to Ecuador. I am now exploring India, but will return one day. My best to both of you. Hugs, Patricia

    • Hey Patricia I am so happy that you are enjoying your time in India. We are sitting on our balcony just enjoying our little lives, how great is that. We may even take a walk up the malecon today, or maybe not…We do try to get out several days a week, take our laundry to lunch at least twice a week (that is our excuse to eat lunch out ha ha), go to the mercado on Saturdays and out for dinner at least once a week. But we enjoy our alone time so much that just sitting on the balcony is enough some days… I guess all the rushing around in our past life has allowed us to see just how wonderful “being still” can be.
      Hugs and Kisses to you, Enjoy your India adventure and send pictures!!! Nancy & Joe

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  5. I can attest to what Nancy is writing here or experiencing in Salinas. I was there for only 10 days and I ended up buying a condo (still under construction and owned by same owner of Alamar) in the Malecon. I just love everything I saw and felt (people, weather, food, the beach, etc) that I stopped all my plans to visit other places first before buying. I traveled to a lot of countries but there is something in Salinas Ecuador that felt very special to me.

  6. Rolie,
    My husband and I are planning a reconnaissance visit to Salinas in July of 2012.
    If things go well, our plan is to buy an oceanfront condo.
    If you do not mind, once things have settled, I would really like to know how things are progressoing, and if you are happy with your decision.
    If you could email me at, I would really appreciate!

    • Hi Chantal,

      I’m really very happy with my decision to buy an unfinished condo in Salinas…in fact I could not wait to go back and stay there forever. I have traveled almost all countries in the Caribbean including Panama, Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico, US Virgin Islands, Martinique, Puerto Rico, etc but, as far as I’m concerned, Salinas has everything I’m looking for (no hurricane threat, consistent weather temperature year round, small town with lots of restaurants and less area for further development, beautiful beach, very low cost of living and most importantly are the friendly people we’ve met).

      If you really want an oceanfront condo, purchase one from Aquamira where I got mine. It’s still under construction prices but they are going to raise the price as soon as they reach a certain % of sales. Talk to Diana Velasco and mention my name ( I don’t have any commission and Diana is not on commission). You’ll save money if you deal directly with her rather than with sales agents. Her office is in Alamar on the right side of the entrance of the building. She is the eye and ears of the owner. She speaks good English. The building is estimated to be done in 3 years. They will ask 30% down and the balance payable in 3 years with no interest. If I were you, I would go now and see if you really like Salinas. The building is selling fast when we were there. Cuenca is a nice place also and the malecon in Guayaquil is one of the best in the world…but I’m a beach person and I have no regrets at all in buying that condo in Salinas.

  7. Rolie,
    Thanks for all the information, it is very tempting.
    However, my husband and I worked very to build our nest, and we would not dare pay 30% down on a condo that is not buit yet.
    Thanks again, though. and good luck on your adventure.

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