Could this be finished?

Yes, I am talking  about the sand castle. Here is today’s picture. What do you think finished or more to come?

When I am sure it is finished I will do a slide show so you can see the progress over the several weeks that they have worked on it. I’m quite impressed with it this far.

7 thoughts on “Could this be finished?

    • Chantal – I think you are right but who knows. I will check it in a few days to see it they have made any improvements, modification or additions.

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  2. It looks finished, but I believe it is ready for “implementation” when they put the small bench in front of it for visitors to sit and pose for a photo.


    • Leon, Good Morning, Well they don’t seem to need the bench, folks are just standing in front or better yet laying down in front on the sand for that perfect photo opportunity.

    • Tom- thanks for your comment. I am going to take a look tomorrow morning to see if there are any further upgrades to the Castle of Salinas and if not I will post the slideshow of all photos. Have a great day!

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