Filming in Salinas

Several weeks back while we were having internet issues and were out of touch with you all, a group from National Geographic was in Salinas filming. I never really understood exactly what the film was for but caught these photos of the action.

5 thoughts on “Filming in Salinas

    • Yes Tami you got it right, apparently they took over the restaurant for several hours and gave Chili a good tip for allowing it.

  1. While I am reading your post, I am watching House Hunters International and they are filming in Salinas, too. This is the second episode that I’ve seen advertizing Salinas. It’s fun watching the sights in Salinas and reading your blog at the same time. I am enjoying your blog, Nancy. In fact, I think I told you that you are my inspiration for starting a blog. Thanks again. Oh, by the way, how did you get the watermarks on your pictures?

    • Hi Deb- I have been enjoying your writing very much also, keep it up it makes me smile when I read your escapades. I have even started to read them to Joe. And we sit and giggle like kids about some of the similarities between where you are and Dolega, Panama and now Salinas Ecuador.

      I have a friend in Panama who has a very popular blog, Chiriqui Chatter and he has a watermark on his pictures, I guess folks were just using his photos like they were their own. So I had Joe, my wonderful hubby who knows so much more about the computer than I do…as I humble myself before him, find me a free watermark program. He did and downloaded it for me. Within 5 minutes I had it almost figured out. The one hint I have is it does not touch your original pictures it makes a copy and puts them in a separate folder on the C drive named Watermark Image. And it does them in batches so I watermarked about 500 photos all of 2011 so far in about 20 minutes.

      Good luck….

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