Sand Castle update

The sand castle is coming along, look at all the additional towers they have added just since last week.  I have great respect for these guys, they are making a career of working on this just enough each day to hold our interest and collect a few more tips. I love this country!

Do you think it will ever get to look like this one  in Australia?

Intricate sand castle sculpture, approx. 10 fe...

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Town was very busy this past weekend with large groups of folks visiting. The weather was nice but not much sun, I guess if you live in the mountains where it is cold this is just perfect for going in the water. Not me, I have been wearing long pants and a jacket most days…

6 thoughts on “Sand Castle update

  1. I agree. The castle seems to be coming around nicely, and the backdrop of the marina adds a nice touch to the photo. Compared to the one in Australia, this one has more character because the other is too tightly packed with too many elements, making it look more complicated than unique.

    We are currently in a sort of heat-wave pattern in NYC, with temperatures in the 90s and no precipitation. There are several other states with firecely hot weather.

    Nancy, based on what you have see in Salinas this far, here are three questions for you:
    1. Why do you think the houses in Chipipe are so much higher in price than the ones near the malecon in Salinas?
    2. If you were to set up a small business in Salinas, what kind would it be and why? (I was thinking laundromat)
    3. What types of feasible improvements do you think the malecon can use at this time to make Salinas more attractive to tourists? (I was thinking a few fresh water shower stands along the beach for people to wash off the sand).

    Thanks and be well!

    • Hi Leon, To answer your questions:
      1) In looking at the housing in Chipipe it is more uniform streets, nicer quality homes with less commercial mixed in . We looked at Chipipe when we first came to Salinas and walk the streets at least once a week now. There are no people walking around, it looks to me as if most of the houses are only used in season or on the weekends. This would leave you alone in the neighborhood all week long. Joe and I do like our alone time but we are not hermits this would be unacceptable to us, it would be like living in a ghost town. If in the future more full-time residents purchased it probably would be a good place to live, right now you would be by yourself most of the time. While we have no first hand knowledge, several people have warned us of crime considerations.
      2) I’m retired so I would never think of starting a business in Salinas – there is a laundry service here a few blocks from our apartment that charges .45 cents per pound, to wash, dry and fold. If you have a minimum of 20 lbs they will pick up and deliver to your home. I don’t know how you would compete with that and make money. Another consideration is vandalism and thief!
      3) If I could have my wish it would be to have bathroom and shower facilities available in several areas on the beach for little or no charge. Right now all you smell is urine when you walk most of the malecon.

      • Leon- We were looking out the back to see if there were any whales on the Mar Bravo side and what did we see but another laundry about a block and a half from the one we use. It’s new we have not see it before. FYI

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  3. Nancy, these are astute observations. Thanks. I agree that the major needs to look into constructing some baths and showers along the Malecon, and even charge a small fee for use. I know about the laundry service you mentioned, close to the supermarket. I have used them a few times, but they are not that reliable with their promised times, and they use residential washers for heavy duty work. I don’t know how long these machines last them but I know they are being overworked. That’s why I thought of a commercial type laundromat. With a cash business like this, of course, thefit and vandalism would be issues, so one has to look into 24-hr security. There might be a better possibility of locating the operation in the Paseo Mall where you have the security already there. There are many homes in both Chipipe and Salinas with absentee owners for several months of the year. I am one of them, but my in-laws are there regularly to welcome U.S. visitors that rent the property throughout the year. Someone recently asked me about golfing in Salinas. Have you seen any golf courses around? Leon

    • Good Morning Leon, Yes there is a golf course. Our friends Tom & Maria love to golf and Tom was very disappointing in the course, I understand that is has no grass. I have driven by it but have not stopped to see it so this is second hand information. Next time you visit you will need to play a round to see what you think!

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