SRI – Ecuador’s IRS

Review the SRI site for additional information at:

If you are 65 years old and a resident of Ecuador you can get the IVA tax you paid during the year refunded by the SRI.  In Salinas, you will need to go to the SRI office located in the Centro de Atencion building located on the main road going towards El Paseo Shopping Center and speak to a representative.

I was told that you will be issued an SRI number. You are required to keep your facturas – these are the receipts showing your cedula number, name etc. I understand that you are required to complete a form and submit it to the SRI for your refund. This can be done several times during the year, it is not necessary to hold your receipts and submit them at the end of the year.  At 12% this adds up to a nice savings.

3 thoughts on “SRI – Ecuador’s IRS

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  2. Hi Nancy – thanks for this helpful info. One question I have is this:
    if someone has entered the country with the intent of getting a cedula, has submitted all papers through an attorney for that cedula, but is waiting on the government to sort out a new minister in order for that process to be completed…do you know if the IVA be refunded during that period if all receipts/factura are in order. In other words, retroactive to? Or must one have the cedula completed and in hand for this benefit to begin?

    I think I need to ask my attorney but if you know the answer to this, thanks for your reply. Have a terrific day!

    • Hi Sharon – I am not certain of the process if you do not have a cedula in place. The website I refer to in the post may have the information but a call to your attorney may be your best bet. How is your Spanish? You may end up visiting the SRI office in Centro de Atention and speaking to a rep. I have been there some days when the place is packed and folks are waiting in line outside the office and then other days when it is empty. Good luck. Nancy

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