Playas aka General Villamil Playas

When Joe and I moved to Ecuador last year we told ourselves that we would start at one end of the coast and travel up and down stopping at every town we found interesting just to get a feel for the country. Well once we settled into our apartment in Salinas we were so contented we could not motivate ourselves to leave. Our only trip outside Salinas was when we were evacuated due to the tsunami warning. This past week we had the opportunity to hitch a ride to Playas with our friend Amy.  Amy’s mom Judy was visiting from the US and they were traveling around seeing the sites of the coastal towns.

Here’s a slide show of our trip, hope you enjoy!

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9 thoughts on “Playas aka General Villamil Playas

  1. Nancy, we just got back here in USA after 16 days in Ecuador. We actually planned to visit the coastal areas, Guayaquil and Cuenca and see for ourselves if any of these places is the right one for us to retire. After seeing Salinas and trying hard with our Spanish with the very friendly locals, we decided to put a down payment with a new condo along Salinas Malecon. The building is still under construction and estimated to be done in 3 years. It’s owned by same builder of Alamar. We did it without seeing other places. Before coming back, we went to Guayaquil and stayed there for 2 days and also in Cuenca for one day. After seeing these other places, my wife and I were really very happy with our decision to settle in Salinas. It’s just love at first sight for both of us!

    • Rolie – I am just so happy for you both. It is so nice to see folks happy with our little area. We can only wish you many, many years of great times in Salinas.

    • Chantal – July 2012 is not that far away, just blink your eyes and you will be sitting at the beach under an umbrella, eating a Penguino Ice Cream, watching the kids enjoy the water and looking forward to that Lobster dinner for $10.

      • Nancy, we loved that Pinguino ice cream so much that every 6:00PM, my wife and I would order the double cone and watched some fishermen carried their days catch (most of the time really big fish). At one time they had two big Marlins, about maybe 10 feet long that took 4 people to carry each. My biggest regret was that I forgot to bring my camcorder that day. Salinas is just perfect for us in terms of everything (climate/temp, friendly people, cheap food especially if you go to the market (La Libertad) where you can eat a whole 15 inch grilled fresh fish with plantain and enselada for only $3.00 or to LAOSTRA NOSTRA (Chipipe area) where food is really fresh and tasty.

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