Street Scenes of La Libertad

One of my readers is very interested in La Libertad, Joe these pictures are just for you….

These are some of the side streets about two blocks off the central avenue. I will take more on my next trip.

6 thoughts on “Street Scenes of La Libertad

  1. Hi Nancy and Joe, I hope you enjoy Fourth Of July even if your a little far away from your USA home. Thank you so very much for the pictures and remembering my request. Raquel and I were in Ecuador in 2009, and like many other Baby-Boomers we are exploring as to where our future retirement home will be.
    Our main desire is to be of service to an existing organization or with God’s help start something new to help the poor women and children. We would love to take you guys out to dinner on our future trip to Ecuador. God bless you both.
    Chaplain Joe and Raquel Gomez

    • I will be taking more photos for you in the weeks to come, seems I have a few dental issues that will take be back to Libertad often, ja ja – We would love to visit with you on your next trip. God bless you and have a Happy 4th! N & J

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