Pizza Piccola

Our friend Marilyn told me about a new pizza place in Salinas. It is located one block away from Junior (Mi Commisariato Supermarket) one street behind the malecon.

We stopped by about a week ago and had a pretty good pizza. We ordered the Regina with ham, salami and mushrooms. All of those items were plentiful on this medium pizza with a good addition of super stringy mozzarella cheese and a sprinkle of oregano. Oregano and red pepper flakes were supplied to our table. It was a very good choice and Marilyn was correct when she told us it was pretty good. They have a 2 for 1 night every Tuesday and have home delivery. What more could an Expat ask for… yeah and the owner speaks English!!!!

Their menu also has lasagna and submarine sandwiches and it is so convenient to our apartment and did I tell you they deliver? Oh by they way they also serve ice-cold CLUB –  not Joe’s first choice but again it’s a beer for goodness sakes what more could you want with your pizza.

Miguel, the chef, is very personable and also makes a mean pizza and sub sandwich. We went back last weekend and had a sub on whole wheat with melted cheese, ham, some sort of sausage, tomato and lettuce. It was excellent all for $2.50 each. Sorry I did not have my camera you will need to drop by and have Miguel make one for you. Take my word it was great!


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