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Today CNT installed internet at our apartment. First I must thank our landlord Mr. Ampuero and his son Pepe for all their help on our behalf with the folks at CNT. After many trips to both the Salinas and La Libertad offices, I and my translators were more confused by the minute. With one visit on Monday, Messrs. Ampuero cut through all the misunderstandings and got us just what we needed. We could have had internet installed on Tuesday but we were out-of-town so it was postponed until today. Thanks Pepe for making all the follow-up calls and getting the installation folks out here today. In this day and age we are so tied to our computer and internet for so many of our needs, between on-line banking, SKYPE, on-line shopping along with a host of other items we were totally lost.  Without access to the internet our family, especially Jennifer and Isaac in Japan and our relatives back in the states were only available by cell phone which is quite expensive. I also want to thank our friends Mary and Tod for allowing me the use of their internet for these many weeks, you guys are the greatest!

Now that we are back on-line I have a backlog of items to publish so I will get back to work. Thanks to all of you who sent concerned comments and emails, we appreciate your friendship,  Nancy & Joe

12 thoughts on “CNT Internet

  1. Good to hear from you-I am in Manta now and planning to visit Salinas soon- I will love to meet with you both- Amy Prisco knows you well so I will get in touch with you throgh her or please drop me a note on my e-mail–Thanks-Yusuf

  2. Nancy, I’m Joe and we are moving to Slainas in September, what type of Internet do you have now? We were told to get the landlord to have the landline phone turn on for Internet. Then go to phone company and have the Internet service started. What is your opinion on that and who do you use. would like to get something as soon as we can. thanks for all the Info you can give us so we don’t have delays.

    • Good Morning Joe are you the Joe of “Joe and Patti”??? Good to hear from you. We just had the phone company CNT install a wireless router called Fast Boy yesterday. In our area of Salinas the speed is 600 with unlimited download for around $20 per month. Installation is around $60 and your landlord will need to give you permission to use his land line probably better if the landlord accompanies you to the CNT office as I made three trips with three different translators and never got the service, my landlord went and within five minutes he had me set up – When you go to CNT in Libertad be sure to bring a color copy of your identification and a copy of another utility bill from your apartment like the landlords light bill from CNEL – almost anything you do here requires a copy of a utility bill and a color copy of your ID – Once you get your cedulas just make multiple copies as almost anything you do requires a copy. Hope this helps, Nancy

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    • Mary – you are so right, I will be nailed to this computer for a week trying to catch up on posts to the blog etc etc etc, Happy to be back! Nancy

    • Hey Nancy & Chuck, I am so happy to have internet I could just jump up and down…I was totally lost without it. How are you two doing? Your new penthouse apartment is just lovely, how did Chuck set up that irrigation system, he is just so handy! Hope to see you soon in Salinas, Nancy & Joe

  4. Hi Nancy, so glad you are connected again! We will be in Salinas and we have a couple little goodies for you and Joe – hoping to get a sim card for Ken’s phone, let’s hope it works in EC(!) and we will call you when we get to Salinas.

    If you don’t hear from us tomorrow (Saturday afternoon) then assume our phone isn’t working (more likely we can’t figure out how to make it work) so plan B is we could meet July 4th at Will’s Sports Bar…. we are staying at Spondylus II, and Amy P can get ahold of us there if we need a Plan C, LOL.

    We are learning to always be prepared – multiple copies of everything, to have not only a plan b, but a plan c, etc. hahaha

    By the way, I am a foodie and a wino (my job in US is in wine/beer) and I really enjoy reading your restaurant reviews, My son Alec saw the one on the pizza place tonight and we have decided to try it next week! Keep up the good work 🙂


    • Hey Tami – Welcome to Ecuador. Joe and I are planning on going to Will’s for the 4th so we will see you there. We have enjoyed the pizza and the subs having been back three times already, I hope you and your family enjoy it as well. They do not open until 6pm so don’t plan on going early. A nice young man opened up a bakery next door so we have enjoyed his goodies for breakfast the day after we have visited Pizza Piccola. See you on the 4th! Nancy & Joe

  5. Nancy, Do they have faster options for internet in Salinas. My wife and I have been living in Cuenca for the past 14 months and finally have a ‘decent’ service (I have 2 mb down and up speed). I am still working (a CPA and business broker who connects to his office in Jacksonville, Florida daily and has several video conferences via Webex each week). Even though I was raised in the north Georgia mountains, I married a girl from Jacksonville and have clocked more time in Florida than the many states I have lived in. I suppose my ‘blood has thinned’ and I can’t take the cold weather in Cuenca. I never seem to get warm and want to explore moving to the Salinas area (or somewhere near a beach). For work purposes, I must have reliable internet. What can you suggest?

    David Akins

    • Hi David, While we were living there, CNT the local phone company, only had two speeds 600 and 1k, we could not get the 1k because they were not offering it for the building we lived in when we were there, I think the problem was they had no more lines right in our area for that speed. The 600 speed was pretty good and I was able to use SKYPE early in the mornings 6am to talk with our daughter in Japan. If you get the USB sticks from the cell phone companies they are not very good in our experience we had Movistar and I really preferred having CNT. There are a number of Expats living in Salinas, I am sure you can contact a few of them through the Yahoo Expat forum and they will be happy to tell you what is available currently. We have been gone for almost a year and things probably have changed a great deal since we left. If you need a few contacts there I will be happy to forward your comment to a few friends with your email address. Let me know if you want me to do that.

      I know all about that cold weather stuff, I was born in PA, moved to South Miami, Florida in 1976 after Joe and I married. We moved to Atlanta in the middle 90’s and stayed there until our move to Panama in 2006, the cold weather was not for me and in Atlanta we would even get snow, YUCK, I just hate driving in the black ice and would just stay home until the roads were clear…I love being near the beach with its nice weather. Feeling pretty blessed right now! N

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