8 thoughts on “Internet Issues

    • Dear Ecuador Paw Post – your message went into spam. And we just got our internet this afternoon. Thanks for your message, you are so young to have made the decision to move, I cried as I read about your reasons to move and your plan to achieve that goal. I am so happy for you. Ecuador has been wonderful for Joe and I, we pray that your move here is just as good as ours was and continues to be. Let me know what we can do to help answer questions, if we can help we will. N

  1. Planning on moving to Salinas 2012.Live in Fl. now,will spend most of our time in Ec though.Can’t wait to meet Am.in Ec.Love the culture there and will fit right in.Will find out about real estate,will be buying.Need pointers from all.Thanks

    • Hi Rob, Thanks for your comment. Glad to hear about your move to Salinas in 2012 – Have you visited here before? Let me know if you have an specific questions and we will try to help. Nancy

  2. Nancy,
    I can’t get a hold of you via your e-mail.
    Please send new e-mail address. Thanks
    Helga & charles

    • Hey Helga and Charles – I have sent you a few emails, sorry no internet until this afternoon. Hope to hear back from you today, Nancy

  3. Hi Nan and Joe: My husband (Glenn) and I (Mara) are traveling to Ecuador for the first time this July. We are in Quito and Cuenca first but we end up in Salinas area for 3 days at the end of our trip. We will be staying at Farallon Dillon July 25-28 and are wondering a couple of things. Is there an expat group in Salinas that meets socially during this time? Also, we would like to go whale watching and wonder if you have any recommendations for this. We have enjoyed your blog. Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Mara and Glenn, Thanks for reading our blog. Just got internet today. You will love Quito, we did it is a great city. We have friends in Cuenca and they seem to be enjoying all that that city has to offer as well. Farallon Dillon is one of my favorite places and according to the folks there you should be able to see many whales right from the balconies — I hope you do, Joe and I are going to go over in August for lunch to see them for ourselves. If you need to get a more up close and personal view there are tour boats that go out many times each day right from the beach here in Salinas, they are very inexpensive tours and you should see some whales. Many expats meet at Will’s Aqui Hostel and Score Sports Bar located as you come in to the beach area of Salinas. Will is an expat who has been here for a few years, he has a hostel and a bar/restaurant where many of our fellow US citizens meet. As to any formal meetings, I have not heard of any. Let me know if we can help with any other questions. N

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