Visiting with Joe, Debbie and Frank

Visiting with new-found friends is always a great way to spend an afternoon.  Joe Tana has  been in Ecuador for over a week now traveling to Quito with Jeff and Mike and returning to Salinas with Debbie and Frank.

What fun to have a great lunch at one of my favorite places, D’Hugos Cevicheria, while getting to know these fine Florida folks.  Joe is pretty serious about finding a place here in Salinas so that all his friends from the states can come down and visit. They have made visits to Montanita and the surrounding areas allowing them to get a taste of the Costa de Ecuador.  They will be here for another week with Joe staying a few more days enjoying more fresh seafood and getting to know more about the area.


11 thoughts on “Visiting with Joe, Debbie and Frank

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  2. Nancy, please do an article about what you like and dislike about Salinas. Another subject could be about restaurants, i.e. best to worst in terms of cleanliness and price, etc.

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Rolie, Thanks for your comment. Sorry I am having internet issues and actually am using a friends to answer these comments. I don’t have that many dislikes, I’m pretty easy-going but I will think on your request and give you some of my favorites when it comes to restaurants.

  3. Nancy: what an interesting blog you write. When I found it the other day, I read right through to the very beginning! Took me a long time, but I discovered many useful things (particularly some great restaurants in Salinas).

    I will be in Salinas this week (week of June 7-10 I think) and was wondering if you know if there is any place, or any one, in Salinas who swaps English-language books. I brought only one paperback with me from home (California) and I’ve just finished it. It’s a GOOD one if you know of anyone who might be interested.

    • Hey Terri, Thanks for your comment and reading the whole blog what a task!!! I know that Will’s Sports Bar has some books, I do as well but I am having big issues with my internet and will not have a good system for at least another 10 days and you will be long gone as it looks. Where are you staying while here? Let’s see if we can get together.

      • Hi, Nancy. Thanks for your tip about Will’s Sports Bar. I took you up on it and am here now and loving it. I am going to embark on War and Peace (I think). I never read it in college so I have to see if this old brain can absorb something so weighty.

        I’ll be here through the weekend and would love to get together. Contact me at as I check that often (I have no phone with me).

        • Hi Terri – sorry my internet has been giving me fits so I have not been checking my comments. Glad you found Wills – I am going to email you right now. Nancy

  4. What a lovely photo!!…….looks like lovely folks….lol. Actually I know they are, Frank is my dad & Debbie is my stepmom. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Loving the hair curly Debbie.

    • Hi Stacey, Thanks for your comment. Loved your parents and so happy that they had a good time here. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, my internet stinks making changes but it takes a bit more time to do that in Paradise. Kiss your folks for me and tell them they need to come back soon and bring you of course! Nancy

  5. Love to see folks having a good time. Thanks for all the “real world” info you provide about Salinas. And I love all the pics you post. Planning to be in Salinas Thansgiving week. Can you recommend a good place to stay for 2 or 3 nights? Thanks!

    • Hey Bob, Thanks for your comment. One year ago we stayed at the Francisco II for $25/night double but moved to Salinas Suites $40/night double because they had WiFi in the room and it was a bit more quiet for calling realtors etc. It depends upon what you are looking for Barcelo Colon is expensive but a 5 Star Hotel. Francisco II is in the Los Palmeras section right on the malecon, Salinas Suites is 1/2 block off the malecon. Coco’s is right on the malecon and I have heard nice things about it. Hope this helps.

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