Second Season Vacationers

For the past two weeks we have seen the folks from the Sierra coming to vacation on our beach. School for these folks has just let out so they are on their summer vacation. During the week there have been busloads of young kids, probably middle school or early high school age students, rolling down the malecon. They are having a ball splashing in the water, riding the bananas and sightseeing on the boats. It looks like they do a package with lodging and meals along with a bus ride that takes place in the middle of the night so that they arrive on the beach by 7am for a full day of fun.

Joe caught this group of girls just screaming for joy to be in the water.

Come Thursday the kids are gone and more mature young adults take their place for a weekend packed with beach fun.

One thing we have noticed – the younger ones just love throwing wet sand, while the older ones are into burying their friends in the sand. Even the adults get covered with sand…Of course our main beach activity some days seems to be buying and consuming tasty empanadas (beef, cheese or chicken), fried mashed potatoes stuffed with meat, fried sweet bananas, peanuts in lemon juice with salt or hot sauce, candy apples, corn on the cob with cheese or cheese sauce… well you get the idea.  gotta run – I just made myself hungry!

3 thoughts on “Second Season Vacationers

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  2. Nancy, Love your blog, thanks! My son Alec (17) would probably like to ride the banana… Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for us regarding other fun things for my kiddo while we are in Salinas?

    • Tami, Thanks for your comment. There are a bunch of fun things for him to do at the beach besides the banana, they also water ski with the one ski (I don’t know what that is called), boat tours, fishing boats, Jet Ski rentals, paddle boats, kayaks. A few hours ride north would take you to Montinieta where he could go surfing. The water is still warm even though we are getting less sun and more overcast days.

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