Visiting Ecuador and Salinas for the first time

On Wednesday evening Joe and I spend several hours with three gentlemen who are visiting Salinas for a few days. Joe Tana is here for 17 days while his friends from Florida are just visiting for a few days. I had them meet us at the Lui e Lei (AKA Lov’n’Oven) restaurant which is downstairs in our building(how lucky are we?).

Jeff, Joe, Me, My Joe and Mike

Berty made the most scrumptious seafood and fish dishes using coconut milk and the freshest ingredients. Three of us tried the Corvina Encocado, while one had Camarones Encocado and Joe had the Fettuccine de Camarones but Berty went overboard and made his into Primavera with all these beautiful fresh veggies. It was a fun evening.  The guys are going to visit Quito for some sightseeing and then Joe will be back to Salinas with two other friends. He is our Goodwill Ambassador for Salinas bringing all these folks here to visit.

Thank you again Joe for bringing some gifts from the states for us, I will let you know how the anise flavored Italian Cookies come out. And a very special thanks to Jeff for treating us all to dinner.  Joe is back in town with two more friends from the states – Debbie and Frank – we hope to meet them in the next few days.

7 thoughts on “Visiting Ecuador and Salinas for the first time

  1. I love fish dishes cooked in coco milk. Would you mind if you could tell us the price of that dish (Corvina Encocado, etc)?


    • Hi Rolie- the cost including tax fish is $7 or 7.50 and the shrimp is $8 or 8.50. Both are just yummy. We have always loved Green Curry Chicken and Chicken Curry Soup both made with coconut milk but we had never had seafood prepared this way until we came to Salinas. Now we can’t get enough – our only problem is deciding between the coconut milk items or the Alfredo.. Pretty hard decisions.

  2. Hi nancy thanks for your site. I hope you get some street pics from La libertatd for us to view. I was in Salinas and La Libby for a short time basically driving by in 2007. I want to learn more about La Libertad. You do Mucho from your terrace upstairs, or on the beach, but I’m not sure if your comfortable with walking and driving in the nearby areas. Again thanks for all your info.
    The other Joe

    • Good Morning Joe, Well your right, when I go shopping in Libertad I normally do not take my camera and most times I am by myself on a mission. That mission is getting all the fresh fruits and veggies, meat and seafood that will fit in my huge shopping bag, that I can just about drag to the curb and hail a taxi…I do have to be in Libertad on Tuesday, I will take my camera and see if I can get some street shots for the blog. Great suggestion as I am there at least one day a week anyway. It is an interesting town,

  3. Nancy,
    My husband Ken and I, and my 17 yr old son Alec, are staying in Salinas July 2 through 8. If there is anything from the States you are craving, please let us know, we will be more than happy to bring it to you! We are scouting out the area and will be at the Spondylus II condos for the week. Not taking any real estate trips, just out and about wanting to see the real life in Salinas. Please email me if there is anything at all we can bring to you. It would be my pleasure!


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  5. Hi Peter – thanks for your comment. No dental work is not expensive here. To have a filling done it can cost $30-$50.

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