Hamburguesa Bar and Restaurant

We have tried this restaurant several times over the past year and each time I find it lacking in almost every aspect accept one — it does have a wonderful view of the water.  Yesterday as we were visiting with our friend Amy and decided to stop for a quick lunch and this was the first place on our route. Amy is not a fish eater and the almuerzo was a fish soup and fried fish, so she asked for a chicken dish.  Joe and I got the almuerzo. We were delighted by the fish soup –  it was very nice, kind of a small portion but the flavor was excellent. The second course was less than marginal. It was a whole fish –  head, fins, tail everything but had only about 1 tablespoon of actual edible fish in it’s entirety. The beans were watery and under-seasoned but the rice was well cooked.  They served us a glass of melon juice that tasted spoiled so we did not drink it.  Amy waited for several minutes after we received our soup to be told that they did not have her chicken dish – she had no time so left the restaurant without eating.  Our less than acceptable meal cost $3 each plus the IVA each.  That may sound cheap but almuerzo at D’Hugo’s is $2.50 for the most enjoyable noontime meal we have ever had. This restaurant is located on the same block as the Bank of Guayaquil.

BTW we were told that we could not order anything from the first page of the menu, that had the sandwiches and hamburgers on it.

We will not go back as we have tried it now several times only to be disappointed each time.  This is a fish town – you can get the most succulent, fresh, delicious fish here and if you can’t cook fish well, then you should not have it on the menu, IMHO.

5 thoughts on “Hamburguesa Bar and Restaurant

  1. Nancy,

    This is the first negative restaurant review I recall. A hamburger joint you can’t order a hamburger in? Wow! That’s like going to McDonald’s and all you can get is a fish sandwich. Did they get the hint? Guess this is one place in Salinas to avoid…..

    • Tom – thanks for your comment. You are right a hamburg place you can’t order a hamburg at… I normally do not do negative reviews we will go back again to see if things are different but after trying this place several times, I just had to speak up.

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  3. Nancy, I like your honesty. Please keep reporting the bad and the good side of Salinas especially on restaurants and hotels. We are visiting this city the second week of July this year and we are very interested on what part of the city to be avoided (for safety reason). Thanks for the very informative article.

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