Happy Easter

This was the sunrise off our balcony this morning at a bit after 6am.  May our lives be blessed with beautiful days, peaceful nights and good family and friends to share it with.

Have a blessed Easter!

11 thoughts on “Happy Easter

    • Hey Mary, Happy Easter to you and Dennis. Did you have Easter dinner with Janice and Peter??? We had our celebration of baked ham, scalloped potatoes and green beans and Joe made the best martini’s to go with that big meal. Thanks for reading our blog and enjoying our little paradise with us. Love, N & J

    • Yusuf
      Hope your day was peaceful. Today was the last day for the Pinquino Ice Cream Fun Park that has been in front of our apartment for the past 6 weeks. I was not sad to say goodbye to the very loud music that plays from early morning on Saturday until early afternoon on Sunday for the past weeks. Joe and I will celebrate with our our smooth music next weekend. Nancy

    • Hey Tim – Thanks for reading our blog. Well the way that Salinas is situated it is a peninsula that curves a bit so our balcony in the front actually faces north-east – at night we can see the lights going up the Ruta del Sol. We can’t be sure just how far we can see up the coast or exactly what we are looking at. The malecon is actually situated in a bay that is surrounded by land to the east and northeast. To the east you can see Punta Blanca to the north-east you can see mountains during the day. Take a look at a map of Ecuador and you can see the slight curve in our little peninsular. And the sun moves across the sky at different times of the year, so that it is blocked by buildings at sunrise and sunset during parts of the year and now at this time of year it rises and sets out of the oceans. We also have a small balcony out the back of our apartment and get almost a 360 degree view of the entire area. Way cool!

  1. Sounds cool! Thanks! I didn’t realize the Salinas was on the bay I thought it was on the ocean. I have an EC map over my desk but it only has circles for big cities on it so I thought you were at the circle labeled La Libertad. Now I see several little peninsulas jutting into the bay along with several islands.

    Have you posted any pictures from the other balcony? A panorama 🙂

    Thanks for a great Blog!

    • Tim
      I don’t know if anyone else considers it a bay but to me if you are on land and see land in two directions over water, I think of a bay. I have taken photos of the sunset off the back balcony look back on April 8th I had 3 posts that day and one of them is a sunset picture. Because this part of Salinas is at the tip of the peninsula we can see Mar Bravo (the ocean) from our back rooms and balcony. The land area is not wide down near the tip, that is how I get sunrise and sunset pictures.

  2. Hola Sra. Nancy, es verdad, en el sitio donde usted vive puede tener dos maravillosos panoramas para una caida del sol, agradezco mucho, como ecuatoriano que usted y su esposo aprecien nuestro pais y disfruten de nuestros paisajes, mi esposa, la Dra. Paola Barreto (dentista) y yo somos de Guayaquil pero estamos felices de vivir en este sector de nuestro pais, estare pendiente de el progreso de su linda pagina.
    Eduardo Iglesias.

    • Estimado Eduardo Iglesias, Gracias por sus amables palabras. Joe y yo estamos disfrutando mucho de nuestro tiempo en Salinas. Nos encanta el clima, la gente es tan maravillosa y por supuesto lo que puedo decir de toda la comida excelente. Somos muy afortunados de estar aquí y por partida doble la bendición de encontrar gente buena como usted y su encantadora esposa. Gracias por leer nuestro blog y siguiendo nuestro viaje aquí en el Ecuador. Nancy y Joe Levin

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