Beach Point – What could this be????

I have no idea what this sign means, so I will just post it for you to see that things do happen in Salinas. Who knows what they are because this sign surely does not explain what is happening on Sunday, April 23rd. Why don’t you give me your best guess?


5 thoughts on “Beach Point – What could this be????

    • Hi Phill
      Joe said the same thing, it just seemed a bit odd for those of us who are relatively new here to see a sign that doesn’t give you enough info to come to some sort of conclusion on what the event is!!!! Last week they had one with a motorcycle on it but the sigh was rolled up so you could not tell when or where it was going on…that was a motorcycle rally we found out later. Just love this place, always something happening, it looks to be a busy weekend — I hope so as the vendors need the money…

  1. Ed, Good Morning, I am happy you are following our blog. It is wonderful that you had a positive trip to Ecuador. To answer some of your questions would take more space than this comments section so I will email you. How did you find the towns north of Salinas? We are planning a trip after the rains stop to take a look at the northern coast. I would love to hear your thoughts, Nancy

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