La Scala – Italian Restaurant

Saw a new sign this morning and wanted to share with you.  It looks like this new restaurant will be opening on Saturday, April 16, 2011. We will visit after the grand opening and let you know what we think.

6 thoughts on “La Scala – Italian Restaurant

  1. Ooh, we could try it with you next week! We hit the road today and get in on Saturday late afternoon. Also meeting up with Ed and Jenny – do you know them? He seems very nice.

    • Have a safe trip. We do not know Ed and Jenny but there are many more Expats here than we expected. See you soon, Nancy

  2. Let me know how it is. If it’s good I’ll try it out when I’m visiting next month. After all I’m FBI (Full Blooded Italian)

    • Joe
      You will find many restaurants that serve some form of Italian food here, not sure if it will compare to “Little Nickies’ from the West Side”. Nancy

    • Susana
      Thanks for your comment. We have not made it there yet, so many places to eat and I love to cook at home as well. I am so pleased that you gave us your review. I’m sure Joe and I will try it soon. thanks again, Nancy

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