Sunset in Salinas

The first pictures is of the sunset out our back balcony tonight, just after the sun went under the horizon.

This photo is from the front balcony showing the warm pink glow everything gets when the sun is setting behind us.

It’s still a bit odd to see the sunrise over the Pacific, and odder still to then see it set over the Pacific as well.  So much for high school geography!


3 thoughts on “Sunset in Salinas

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  2. Beautiful pictures! What building is it you live in if you don’t mind sharing? Or at least are there any buildings in the area you know of that are selling condos or apartments? We are coming down to buy soon and want to basically be within walking distance of all the basics/markets food and have beautiful views like this.

    • Crissy-we are in the el Doral – not sure what is for sale/rent right now as we are still in season and some of the units are rented during that time. By end of April we will see what comes on the market..depending upon your visit you may find what you want. Nancy

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