Plastic Gloves: The New Dining Experience

While in Guayaquil on our evacuation trip we went to the Mall del Sol Shopping Center, located directly across the street from the Sheraton. They have an overhead walkway that takes you from the front door of the hotel to the upstairs food court. While walking through the food court we noticed many people wearing those clear plastic gloves while eating.

What is that all about?

Sorry this picture is out of focus as I was trying to do this without the diners noticing.

We loved the Sheraton – nicely run. Everything was exceptional from the staff to the magnificent breakfast buffet. We will be going back soon.

3 thoughts on “Plastic Gloves: The New Dining Experience

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  2. LOL. Usually some Food Court places who sell chicken give you these plastic gloves so you can eat the chicken pieces with your hands. 🙂

    • Xica, I had never seen anyone anywhere eat with plastic gloves, it was so out of place to me, but what is the saying ‘In Rome do as the Romans do.”

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