Smooth Sailing Captain Pedro and Crew

Last evening we got to say bon voyage to Captain Pedro and his crew as they headed out of Salinas.

They have been in Salinas for several weeks. Well the Captain’s boat, Downtime, has been docked here for several weeks while the Captain has been traveling to Peru and up to Quito.

The above photo was taken during the triathlon last weekend.

Yesterday, I saw that they were back in town and thought that we would be able to get together for dinner or drinks and just chat.  We were invited to join him aboard his catamaran for drinks and we jumped at the chance.

Two additional sailors were on board, Sara and Wayne from Massachusetts flew in for a portion of the voyage.   Tom and Captain Pedro came out to the shore in the skiff to get us. I actually felt quite special having the good fortune to be invited aboard this magnificent sailing vessel.

Tom would dance for the cruise boats that passed as they enjoy a leisurely afternoon cruising around Salinas. The  58″ catamaran was a big draw as this is not a ship seen at the yacht club often.

The Captain gave us the grand tour. It was amazing to see.  The outside salon at the stern or back of the craft could comfortably hold 15 people around two tables with stationery bench style seating.  You walk into the main salon which holds the kitchen area and another table, this room is also unbelievable spacious. On either side of this room there is a stairway to the lower bedroom areas. Roomy, airy, not at all what you expect in a sailboat. It even has a washer/dryer. What a way to travel…It is nearly 32″ wide, and it shows. Like a floating condo with quite a view.

We sat for a while hearing about the Captains upcoming travels to the Galápagos and then on to French Polynesia on his “World Tour 2010 – 2013. Wayne and Sara discussed their sailing experiences.  This next leg of their trip will take anywhere from three to five days depending upon the wind and they will stay in the Galápagos for several weeks before pressing on.

While in Panama before his stop in Salinas, the Captain purchased 1200 bottles of beer for the voyage. What a way to go sailing!!

Walking to the front of the boat was a trip, I know what your thinking but I only had one glass of wine. It was pretty steady but I still had to hold onto the hand holds and the railing line as I walked to the front. Joe was like a kid as he peed off the side of the boat, he will talk about that for some time I’m sure.

Some of my photos are a bit dark as the sun had just gone down.

It was a fun evening and all we can hope for is to meet these gentle folks again someday. We enjoyed their company and hope for good weather and a strong wind at their backs for the balance of their adventure.

You can follow Captain Pedro’s adventures at:

We will miss seeing this pretty catamaran from our balcony. Today the Navy’s 257′ tall ship, The Guayas, arrived and docked off our balcony.  Is this a great place or what.


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