Restaurant Marllan

A Pakistani restaurant on the malecon!  Yes, you read that right. A new restaurant with new flavors just opened and we dropped by on Thursday night to have a taste.

The restaurant is located in the lobby of a new hotel/apartment just completed on the malecon.

The owner/chef is a young man who speaks both Spanish and English. He was very attentive and enthusiastic. The dining room was clean, furniture very nice with a huge projection screen where Bollywood music videos were playing. We did ask if the music could be lowered as it got a bit loud.

We have been lamb deprived so both Joe and I ordered a lamb dish.  After a short wait, maybe 10 minutes ,we were given an appetizer of samosas – a vegetarian pastry filled with garbanzo beans prepared with spices and herbs that were a bit picante and very flavorful.

These were served with two different natural yogurt sauces, one was spicy and the other was not.

I ordered the lamb with spinach, Sagh Gosht, for $5.00. It was tasty stewed lamb served with a small salad of cucumbers, tomato and avocado, rice and roti which is a flat bread like pita.  Joe ordered the Karahi $5.50. The portion of meat was a bit small and several pieces were a bit bony.

And it came with dessert, a portion of rice pudding with dried fruit and a sprinkling of crushed almonds on top.

It was a great treat and we are going back to try the vegetarian dishes next time. Currently this restaurant is only open Thursday to Sunday for dinner.

6 thoughts on “Restaurant Marllan

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  2. Wow! Salinas sounds like fun, perhaps I’ll check it out on my way South! I just got into Quito a few days ago, now am in Mindo (loving it, if you ever get the chance to check it out), and then will be voyaging off elsewhere.

    Anyhoo, just scanning through Ecuador blogs, yours stood out as a cool one so I thought I’d post. Take care, buenos viajes,

    -Vincent J

    • Hey Vincent
      we are enjoying everything about Salinas – Don’t know Mindo but will check it out to see if we want to make a trip there. We actually loved Quito a bit cool for us but a grand city with so much to do. Have a wonderful time in EC if you get down our way please let us know. Nancy & Joe

  3. Nancy:
    My husband and I are planning a one week trip down to Salinas to explore the possibility of moving there. I’d love to speak with you. First question, is what is a good month to come get a feel for the place? I know one week isn’t enough, but we have to start somewhere!! Also, any recommendation on a place to stay?
    I love these blog sites…it gives some real insight as to what it is like there!!

  4. Hi Nancy,
    My husband & I lOVE YOUR BLOG. We visited Salinas for ten days
    with another couple in Nov. and now plan to return later this year with
    a 180 day visa and will possibly apply for our residence. Would love to
    get your e-mail address we have many questions if you have the time
    to reply. Look forward to hearing back from you.

    Thank You, Joey & Mary Ann

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