5 to – PAX Cafe-Bar

We can see if this café is open from our back balcony so last evening we decided to try it out. We ordered Kon Pan – sandwiches. The artisan bread was outstanding – crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. This hoagie/ submarine/grinder sandwich was topped with ham, salami, lettuce, tomato and mayo. On the side we were given a portion of potato chips and a small dish with chopped basil and tomato covered in a good olive oil to use as a dressing for the sandwich.  It was very good, a bit pricey at $4.50 for a sandwich in Salinas but the quality and quantity of fine ingredients more than made up for the price.

Joe of course was able to have his “big beer” and I was able to have an espresso.

The young woman who runs this restaurant lives in Guayaquil during the week and travels to Salinas for Friday, Saturday and Sunday then back to Guayaquil. This routine starts in December and continues until April, what a life!

The restaurant is located one block behind the malecon a half block from the Phoenix building.

She speaks excellent english. The sandwich was so good and filling we will be back! Joe is set on having the pizza the next time we visit. I probably will stay with the sub sandwich – you know me!


5 thoughts on “5 to – PAX Cafe-Bar

    • TJlee – thanks for the comment – you can’t believe everything that you hear about Ecuador. I show the menu’s “because you read other places that EVERYTHING is cheap and you can live here on $500 a month – not on the Malecon in Salinas you can’t“. This restaurant’s prices are on the high side but we are in season. I even noticed that the price for bread at Junior had gone up in the past several weeks… I guess it’s like everywhere if there is a crowd expected they jack up the prices. What we do is have a few cocktails on our balcony before we go for dinner, then we can enjoy our dinner and get a bill for $8 or $10 not $30. That way we can eat out three times as many times. It’s sort of a budget strategy not sure we sat and decided how to work it it just evolved.

  1. Hi Nan,
    I met the girls at 5th Pax….stands for the 5th passenger they told me, back in Dec. Tell Joe that he will enjoy the pizza. I ordered them two at a time. The sun dried tomatoes were excellent!
    Sorry we didn’t have the time to dine out together. Have you been to the Italian resturant behind the Barcelo yet? It’s a must!
    My 90 days there just flew by but I will be back. Take care.

    • Hey Kim
      So happy that you had a good time while you were here in Salinas. Since our first visit to 5 to Pax (we have been three times) Joe did get the pizza and was pleased with it, I of course stuck with the sub sandwich it is the best. No, we have not gotten to Italian restaurant, we keep trying to get there but so many places are open right around us it is hard to make it out of our area. Enjoy your time back in the states.

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