Highlands Visitors

We spent a few days this week sitting out on the beach. The weather has been perfect – sunny, not too hot, with a cool breeze. We rent two sling back chairs and an umbrella from my amiga Nellie for $3 for the day. Our lunch is delivered to our chairs and could be papas relleno (a potato cake with either a filling of stewed chicken or hot dog).  We can get empanadas – usually beef, chicken or cheese are offered, a cold drink – either a beer or soda, coconut water, shaved ice served with a rainbow of flavors with a good dollop of condensed milk (I will never get used to that). They will bring you a full meal or get you a cocktail if that is your pleasure. And did I mention cotton candy, candy apples and ice cream?

We saw a family from the Highlands (Andes) complete with the traditional clothing.  They were dressed like it was winter here with parkas and wool (probably alpaca) clothing. To go in the ocean, he simply removed his pants.

We have not tired of the uniqueness of this beach. From one day to the next you never know what you are going to see.

Thanks for following our blog. Have a wonderful week.

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