It Is What It Is

Update on yesterdays boat sighting:

While we were out for dinner last evening we ran into the captain of the boat that I pictured in yesterday’s blog.  Captain Pedro is on a three-year World Tour.  The captain was accompanied by his girlfriend, Daisy and a crew member Tom.

What an astonishing adventure these folks are having.  The captain is from Kansas by way of California, Daria is from St. Petersburg, Russia and Tom is from Australia.  The boat is docked here for a few weeks while the Captain and Daisy travel to Peru.  Tom will be enjoying his off time doing some traveling around Ecuador and then taking care of the daily maintenance while the boat sits off our balcony.

They are a very interesting group and I hope we will be able to visit with them again before they continue their travels.  If you are interested in viewing Captain Pedro’s blog go to:

I must apologies for not having my camera handy but Tom did get a few pictures on his camera and when I get a copy I will post.

By the way, “It Is What It Is” is the Captain’s motto.

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