Roca Parrilla

We have enjoyed this little outside restaurant many times over the past several months and I finally took the time to get a few pictures.  Roca’s is located on a side street right off the east end of the malecon.

We try to get to most restaurants by 6:30pm. This normally means that we miss the crowds and have the places to ourselves for at least the beginning of our meal. Helpful if you are Spanish language impaired and need to stand in front of the line to read a big menu like this one!

We have tried very little on the menu – I have fallen in love with the steak on a stick and the potato cakes. The menu calls them chuzo de carne ($1.75) and tortilla de papa ($.50).  The steak is marinated and then threaded on a wooden skewer, cooked over a charcoal fire and severed with a two types of sauces.  The potato cake is an almost mashed potato filled with a chopped meat filling and covered in a light crust and fried. Together it is a perfect meal.

This is the grill area.

These are maduros (sweet plantains) stuffed with fresh cheese, behind them are Andean corn (choclo) pancakes.

On the left are the cooked potatoes cakes and on the right are the green plantain ones, The banana shaped items in the back are yucca croquets filled with cheese that we have had in Panama – yum!

These are some of the choices for your meat part of your meal, the kabobs of sausage, onion and steak, chicken or beef and ham steaks.

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