SRI: Ecuador’s IRS

The tax division of the government in Ecuador is called the SRI.

This is the Google translation of the SRI Government website.

What is SRI?
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a technical and autonomous entity which is responsible for collecting domestic taxes established by law through the application of existing legislation. Its purpose is to consolidate the tax culture in the country in order to consistently increase voluntary compliance with tax obligations by taxpayers.

I saw this sign a few days ago.

I guess if you don’t pay your taxes they close you down for a few weeks to help you decide that you are going to pay them what you own them.

The good news for this business is it looks like today is the day they can reopen.

6 thoughts on “SRI: Ecuador’s IRS

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  2. Nan, Doug and I are coming to Salinas 3/2-8. we’ll be staying at in a condo rental at the Phoenix. I have enjoyed your blog about the area. Would you and your sweetheart be interested in meeting up for lunch or dinner? Do you have any particular tips to share? My email is

    • Carolyn and Doug – So happy you will be visiting Salinas and thanks for following our adventure. I will email you.

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