Kiddie Fun in Salinas

Almost every day I am amazed at the sights and sounds of Salinas.  During this time of year we keep our windows and doors open most days because the breeze off the Mar Bravo side of the peninsula keeps the apartment cool and I love that open feel.  We heard this motor running one morning and looked off the balcony to see this huge kiddie blow up slide sitting right outside on the beach.

The kids went crazy for it. But at lunch time it was deflated while the workers took their break and then it was up and running again until nearly dark.  During this time of year the beach is filled with families every weekend.  During the week it is much quieter with less folks in town.

Last night someone delivered a truck of items to the beach.  On my walk this morning I discovered it was a new Pinguino kiosk and much more.

Now we have the Pinquino (great ice cream) kiosk, a pool, looks like basketball and I have no idea what the fourth item will be.

The kids will just love this area.  Joe and I will love having a Pinguino ice cream kiosk 50-60 feet from our door.


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