Mi Comisariato Jr.

We are very lucky to have a supermarket directly behind our apartment building called Mi Comisariato Jr. Named Junior because it is not as large as their other stores, it does have most of what a family would need on a daily basis. The fresh bakery is well stocked with rolls, breads, croissants stuffed with fresh cheese and ham (one of our favorites), sweet rolls filled with pineapple or mora (blackberry) jam or fresh cheese as well as fresh rolls for hamburgers, hot dogs and submarines. They have a very small deli with sandwich meats and cheese sliced to order where you can also get decadent bacon.  Most of their chicken is frozen, you cannot get ground beef every day and their choice of fresh fruits is not huge but is acceptable. If you are looking for asparagus or Brussels sprouts you probably need to go to Super Maxi as Junior really does not have the cooler or shelf space.

They have a decent choice of soft drinks, juices and liquors, with a small choice of wine.  This is not where I do my “big” shopping but I am in that store at least twice a week (especially when we want some of those fresh rolls).

The staff is very friendly and helpful.  They recently discontinued the use of bag boys.  On occasion when my order was bigger than I could get home by myself one of the guys would wheel my order right to our building, come up in the elevator and unload on my kitchen counter.  This is service I have never seen in my life at any price. Some new rule about underage kids working has stopped this practice.  I hope is was to get these kids to go back to school.

5 thoughts on “Mi Comisariato Jr.

  1. Another great post Nancy,
    I love that tey use the Jr. to designate a smaller shop. I was wondering if you were following all the posts on safety and crime on the expat blog. Everything from robberies on buses, car hijacking, use of date rape drugs, armed robberies etc. I was wondering what your experiences/impressions have been on crime in Salinas. I tend to think the major problems are in Quito and Guayaquil. Do you agree?

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  3. Mary thought that she saw you in the store while we were there in
    Salinas earlier this week. Bummer that we didn’t get to meet you while we were staying there. Maybe next year when we come back!

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