A visitor from out of town???

Look what I found sitting in our lobby this morning.

I love the Ecuadorian people – what spirit they have. Everywhere I look I find the stuffed dummies ready for the big bonfire on New Years Eve.

I have seen Bart Simpson, all sorts of animals, women, men and now aliens.  While taking my walk yesterday a car drove by with a full-sized dummy of Michael Jackson anchored to the roof resplendent in a silver sequin jacket and with his special bent knee pose.

Even the bicycle carts have dummies attached.

What fun looking into windows or on to balconies finding these guys looking back at you.

2 thoughts on “A visitor from out of town???

  1. Once again Nancy, you capure a new aspect of Ecuadorian culture, something I was quite unaware of. What an interesting and entertaining tradition that leads to a grand bonfire for all to enjoy. I look forward to my first New Years experience when I finally retire to Salinas.

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