Cookies and baking for Christmas

I have always baked. Even when I was very young I loved the smell of cookies – they make the house feel so festive.  Over the years I found cookie recipes with “WOW” appeal that don’t require spending several weeks baking.  I also found that setting aside one day for the preparation and one day for the baking makes my life much easier. Of course I do bake just one batch on preparation day so that my tester “Joe” can critique them.

If you live in Latin or South America, you are probably faced with the dreaded mini oven.  Yes, we have these itty bitty ovens — in our current one I only have one rack. It takes me forever to make a batch of cookies. Multiply that by double batches times 6 or so different cookies recipes and you get at a minimum 4 days of non-stop cookie making. I continue to do it because I love the look on folks’ faces when I hand them a bag of fresh home-made cookies.

This year I made the following:  my favorite – Italian Anise, Chocolate -Chocolate Chunk Snowflakes, Triple Layer Cookie Bars, Pineapple Thumbprint, Almond Crescents, and finally another Italian favorite – Ricotta.  I started on Tuesday picking up the last of the ingredients and I finished yesterday afternoon.

Now I will start to pass them out to the friends we have made here in Salinas.

Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year filled with joy and peace.

Nancy & Joe

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