Happy Birthday Salinas

This week Salinas is celebrating its birthday. On Saturday evening we watched a parade from our balcony which was the kick off to this week-long event. Today we walked to the municipal building located across from the Catholic church.  Our dear friend Monica had five of her paintings on display along with other artists from the area.

Monica Reyes Coello


Monica Reyes Coello

Monica Reyes Coello

On our walk back we took these pictures of the festivities for the children on the beach.

There were booths set up selling Christmas items, a performance with actors, art work for sale. Santa, snowmen and Christmas trees were walking around entertaining the kids.

This evening they have a kiddy inflatable slide set up near the stage and live music.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Salinas

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  2. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks for another great post. It seems the people of Salinas find many ways to celebrate.
    On the expat forum, posters have been talking about a few concerns and perhaps you could do a post about these in Salinas. One concern is that dogs are in bad shape, roaming around and not being taken care of – food and vaccinations. Also, posters have talked about the sad state of some children, forced to beg for the family. Do you see any of this in Salinas? I know all your posts have been so positive but I would also like to hear about the problematic issues as well…
    Thanks, Tom

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