Friends, old and new

What a good week we had! Friday evening, dinner with Nancy and Chuck who we met through this blog back a few months ago.  They have a home in Cuenca and are vacationing in Salinas again. We are so excited to count such lovely folks as friends. Visiting with them are Charlie and Bruce who also hail from Cuenca.  Humor, good conversation.  What a great evening.

After spending some time on the balcony we headed downstairs to Luv n’ Oven where Alfredo serves a very fine Italian dinner – well some of us had Italian. Everyone was also pleased with the shrimp in coconut milk.  I order the same thing every time – Spaghetti Alfredo. It was excellent, yet again. Nancy’s shrimp lasagna looked overwhelming and she ended up taking some home. Maybe a late night snack?

Saturday Nancy and Chuck drove Bruce and Charlie to the airport in  Guayaquil and picked up new visitors Karen and Randy for this coming weeks’ stay in Salinas.

Saturday we had plans to meet Maria and Tom for lunch.  We went to D’Hugo’s, one of our favorite restaurants, for Lobster. It was wonderful as always. Maria and Tom said it was just as we described it. They will be coming back for this decadent lunch often.

They invited us back to see their condo near San Lorenzo on the Malecon. What a beautiful apartment with a fabulous view. And what wonderful hosts they were.

Our semi-daily walk takes us by the Barcelo, a beautiful hotel on the malecon right before San Lorenzo but have never ventured in to take a look. Tom suggested that we walk down and look around. What a lovely hotel.  The dinner buffet looked very posh, the pools, casino and other amenities were exceptional and they even have BBQ and Sushi restaurants. We already have plans to celebrate Joe’s upcoming birthday here with Maria and Tom.

Walking back from visiting Maria and Tom Saturday evening we got to meet Karen and Randy, Nancy and Chuck Watson’s friends, as the foursome had just had dinner at Luv n Oven and had some more of that wonderful Italian food.

What a fine weekend, what fine friends. Now it’s time for Sunday NFL Football!

3 thoughts on “Friends, old and new

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  2. Mary and I(Dennis) hope to meet you in Jan. 13-27, when we come down there to Salinas. We enjoy reading your posts about the restrauants along with pictures. We are talking about staying with William T at the Hotel Aqui or with Susan at the Ocean Hideaway. Hope you have a great day! Dennis n Mary

    • Dennis & Mary – thanks for reading – email me when you arrive and we will get together for coffee. Have a safe trip. Nancy

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