Birthday and Parrillada Don Ciro

Yesterday we celebrated my birthday with many wonderful things. First we walked on the beach, one of my favorite activities.  A great walk.  Found a bunch of beautiful shells and filled my pockets until they were overflowing.

Joe took me to breakfast at Rapa Nui on the bottom floor of our building. I had an excellent fresh fruit salad of papaya, pineapple and melon. A glass of maracuya juice and cup of coffee completed my meal.  Joe had the “hungry man breakfast” of eggs over easy, hot rolls, ham, fresh cheese, juice and coffee. We have eaten a light dinner here before but will go back for something more substantial very soon.

I needed to do some work in the apartment – like the dreaded ironing (the girls at the laundry will iron so cheap .30 cents per item but honestly I have to iron them again – I just like crisp seams). I also put up our Christmas tree and even had time to make a batch of basil pesto which I keep in the freezer for soups and stews.

After showering and getting ready to go out, we had a cocktail on the balcony and the “opening of gifts”.  Among them, a beautiful red coral necklace that Joe found for me.  Then we took a stroll to the restaurante.

I did not take any pictures, this is a shot that I took several days before in the daylight.  You will need to go there on your own to experience the excellent meats they offer.  We started with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon by Concha y Toro – a very hardy red, tasting like very dry sherry.  Then Joe had three gentlemen serenade me with guitar music and singing. Their second song was Besame Mucho and the gentlemen who sang was superb.

Next we looked at the menu, filled with wonderful choices from steaks, pork chops, and sausage to chicken and even mushroom and asparagus soups.  We settled on the Parrillada Special for two.  Well we nearly died when a small BBQ complete with glowing coals was delivered to our table stacked with meat.  It contained four lomo fino, two chuletas, two morcilla sausages, two chorizo plus 2 riñones. (steak, pork chops, blood sausage, Spanish style sausage and kidneys for you folks who have not yet visited these fair shores). We had also ordered a baked potato and the waiter delivered garlic bread, home made creamy hot sauce (aji) and chimichurri sauce.    It was  a feast and we will be eating the leftovers for several days. No joke!

This is going to be our favorite restaurant for meat from now on.  The service was excellent, our waiter spoke a bit of English, and to entertain us would look up at the ceiling and make his bow tie jump up and down. Actually quite cute. The meats were tender, flavorful, juicy and seasoned to perfection.  If visiting Salinas this needs to be on your restaurant must list. A word of note – this is not your family steak house back north.  Basic and mostly men. We sat on the porch with a view of the ocean. Tee inside seemed very bright and kind of a men’s club atmosphere.  Enjoy!  We will go back soon.

3 thoughts on “Birthday and Parrillada Don Ciro

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  2. Happy Birthday, Sag !! Just had mine although I didn’t celebrate in a cool restaurant in Salinas during my BD celebration. Sigh.

    Looking forward to meeting you and yours as I meander toward living in EC.

    Your blog is wonderful and I wish the best to you and a gazillion more Happy Birthdays !

    Jo Ana

    • Jo Ana – thanks for your comment, birthday wishes and also for reading about our time here in Salinas. Please contact me through the blog or by email when you arrive here and we will get together. Have a wonderful week and a happy belated birthday to you as well. Nancy

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